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OUR STORY was created by quality craftsmanship and passion. Their concept was beautifully simple - based on the idea of creating unique hat styles made from the finest materials possible. Most importantly, they wanted to accomplish this while keeping mother earth in mind.


In 1996, Gustavo Lerner began creating genuine Panama hats from Ecuador and selling them in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was there that he met his partner Betsy, who has since helped create - the  innovative line of hats from the world’s finest materials while keeping the earth in mind. In 2014, their vision became a reality when they launched the premier collection of’s Panama hats.’s distinguished modern Panama hats are available at the Old San Juan Store El Galpon and website, carefully shipped worldwide. Feel free to direct any customer service inquiries directly to El Galpon, to discuss the labor of love that goes into each and every hat and the inspiration from mother earth.’s unique modern hats are crafted with care by designer Gustavo Lerner in Ecuador. always maintains ethically sourcing the highest quality materials, simultaneously ensuring that the production of all of their unique hats do not harm the local or global ecosystem.’s carefully curated selection of hats include warm weather Panama hats and colder weather styles to stylishly handle each season’s elements. is the global destination for modern, luxury hats.

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